The Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity (CanCORE) is a point of intersection between the Canadian Renewable Energy Association and other major sectors that contribute to renewable electricity generation in Canada. Our two predecessor organizations – the Canadian Wind Energy Association and the Canadian Solar Industries Association – were among CanCORE’s founding members in 2015, along with WaterPower Canada and Marine Renewables Canada.

There is a particularly strong complementarity between the wind energy, solar energy and energy storage industries, but the abundancy and diversity of Canada’s renewable electricity resources do not end there. Hydroelectricity is the long-established backbone of several provincial generating fleets. Wave, tidal and river-current generation also have a role to play in Canada’s renewable energy future.

Wind, water, waves and sun collectively provide an inexhaustible, reliable and no-cost supply of fuel to power our homes, businesses and economy; and are a major source of Canadian competitive advantage.

CanCORE is our forum for dialogue and collaboration with these additional clean energy partners. We regularly find opportunities to work together to engage with the Canadian federal and provincial governments, and to advance our nation’s climate change leadership through the further development and use of renewable electricity.

See CanCORE’s recent commentary in the Globe & Mail – Renewable energy should be the cornerstone of Canada’s net zero strategy, February 2020.