Powering Canada’s Journey to Net-Zero: CanREA’s 2050 Vision

As Canada sets out on a transformative journey to reach net-zero GHG emissions by 2050, we need a powerful boost from wind energy, solar energy and energy-storage technologies. 

“Powering Canada’s Journey to Net-Zero: CanREA’s 2050 Vision” is a wake-up call, an urgent call to action for governments, utilities, regulators, electricity system operators and the renewable energy industry, to get Canada started on the path to meeting its commitment to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

To get there, Canada must decarbonize and double its electricity production. Luckily, this country has massive, untapped potential for low-cost wind and solar energy. These resources will be critical for the energy transition. CanREA’s 2050 Vision presents an illustrative, but conservative scenario that would require Canada’s wind and solar energy capacity to expand almost ten-fold over the next three decades.  

The scale and speed of such this deployment is unprecedented. While the wind, solar and energy storage industries are ready to take on the challenge, immediate action is required from legislators, regulators, and other key decision makers, to enable these industries to deliver the results Canada needs. 

There is also a need for increased collaboration among Canada’s electricity stakeholders. Significant investments in other forms of electricity generation and infrastructure will be needed to enable the growth in wind and solar energy required. CanREA is committed to working with all stakeholders to ensure Canada implements the least-cost, reliable and sustainable pathway to Canada’s net-zero objective.

For more information, please explore the pages of this website, where you can also download the full book to read all the details and view a short brochure that is ideal for sharing. You can also watch the Nov 17 launch and panel discussion video on CanREA’s YouTube channel. 

On the members-only side of this website, CanREA members can view a recording of CanREA’s members-only webinar about the Vision, and download a kit of attractive communications assets to be shared on social media and employee newsletters, to spread the news and help CanREA move the needle on enabling a massive expansion of wind energy, solar energy and energy storage in Canada.

Because we need to act now, and we need to act together.