CanREA’s 2050 Vision

A series of blog posts by the Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA)’s President and CEO, Robert Hornung, exploring CanREA’s vision of how wind energy, solar energy and energy storage, working together, will be at the core of Canada’s energy transition by 2050. 

In this series, Hornung argues that:

  1. These technologies represent the most affordable path forward for Canada’s electricity system. 
  2. They offer many important economic benefits, such as good stable jobs and investment in rural communities. 
  3. They represent the core of Canada’s efforts to combat climate change, the most significant environmental challenge of our time. 
  4. They will make an important contribution to providing reliable solutions for Canada’s energy future.
  5. They will empower consumers and deliver the core of Canada’s energy transition.

Read CanREA’s Vision 2050 blog series: