Caucuses and Programs

Our caucuses are the primary policy development bodies within the Canadian Renewable Energy Association.

Several of our caucuses focus on policy relating to front-of-the-meter (FTM) renewable generation and FTM energy storage, while additional caucuses focus specifically on policy relating to behind-the-meter (BTM) renewable generation and BTM energy storage, and on industry-wide operational issues.

Member eligibility to participate in the work of the caucuses is dependent on the membership level selected. Eligible members can participate in both FTM and BTM caucuses, regardless of their own membership category.

See our detailed benefits and services table for details.

FTM-Related Caucuses

  • FTM Alberta Caucus
  • FTM Saskatchewan Caucus
  • FTM Ontario Caucus
  • FTM Quebec Caucus
  • FTM Nova Scotia Caucus

Other Caucuses and Programs

  • Federal Caucus
  • National Energy Storage Caucus
  • National Operations Caucus
  • Distributed Energy Resources Caucus
  • BTM Solar Program