Alberta’s Moratorium: a critical look with Vittoria Bellissimo, the Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA) President and CEO

In our inaugural episode of our brand-new series, “The Convo“, we dive deep into Alberta’s recent decision to halt large renewable energy projects. Join us as we interview Vittoria Bellissimo, President and CEO of the Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA), to gain unique insights into this complex issue and what it means for Alberta’s energy landscape. Watch the episode on PV Buzz.

Renewables to Lose Billions, Oil Writer Sees ‘Political Intrigue’ as Smith Blames Ottawa for Moratorium

While Alberta renewable energy producers warn of billions in lost investments, and a veteran oil and gas writer suggests “political intrigue” behind the decision, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has come up with a novel way to blame Ottawa after her government slapped a seven-month moratorium on new wind and solar projects over a megawatt in size. Read more in The Energy Mix.

Alberta led the nation in wind and solar growth, so why is it calling for a moratorium?

Vittoria Bellissimo, president and CEO of the Canadian Renewable Energy Association, said Alberta should remove impediments to energy storage projects, like tariffs that she said could treat storage providers the same as energy consumers or generators. That way, she said green energy from solar and wind could be stored and released when it’s needed. Read more in Corporate Knights.