Q&A with CanREA Board Treasurer Ian MacRobbie

“Meet CanREA’s Board of Directors” is a series of interviews with CanREA’s diverse and experienced Board members.

Ian MacRobbie is the Treasurer of CanREA’s Board of Directors and chairs the Audit, Finance and Investment Committee. He is Vice-President of Operations at Liberty Power. In this role, he leads the teams responsible for day-to-day operations and Operations Engineering, as well as the Asset Performance team who monitor wind turbines and solar farms. These teams support ongoing operations for wind, solar, hydro, combined-cycle gas and renewable natural gas operations. Ian MacRobbie is based in Brantford, Ontario.

CanREA sat down with Ian MacRobbie in March 2023, to find out what makes him tick and why he chooses to volunteer his time on CanREA’s Board of Directors.

Q. Why did you choose to get into the renewable energy field?

I was fascinated by watching some of the early wind projects in Ontario being constructed along the Lake Huron shore, and felt that getting into the renewable energy field would be a good way for me to have a positive impact on our future, as well as offer great opportunities for my career.

Q. How long have you been involved in the sector?

I have been in energy for my entire career and have spent the last 12 years working in renewables across North America.

Q. What gets you excited about renewable energy in Canada?

We have such potential here in Canada. We already have so much clean power from renewables (wind, solar and hydro), but there is also so much untapped potential here. We have an opportunity to truly change the world for our children and make it a better place.

Q. Why did you decide to serve on the CanREA Board?

Renewables has been very good to me and my family. This was my opportunity to give back and to help pave the way for the next generation of techs, engineers and business leaders.

Q. Any final comments?

It is such an honour and privilege to work in the renewables sector here in Canada. We have amazing people doing great things across the country, the continent and the entire world. We are leaders here in Canada and we should all be very proud.

“Meet CanREA’s Board of Directors” is a series of interviews with CanREA’s diverse and experienced Board members. Read more CanREA profiles on our website.