Introduction to the NRCAN Planning & Decision Guide for Solar PV

The newly released NRCan Planning and Decision Guide for Solar PV Systems offers an integrated design strategy to support residential builders seamlessly integrate solar PV into their projects. Key solar PV systems design and installation challenges are explained and demystified.

Design teams are guided through intentional steps in the design stage, clearly defining solar energy production goals, solar array placement and attachment methods, electrical and structural impacts, and technology choice, while avoiding common pitfalls and improving solar PV project outcomes.

This webinar demonstrated the NRCan Guide in action, with a custom residential builder and solar PV consultant working through a real residential design example. Design and application principles presented are relevant to both residential and commercial design and construction professionals interested in smoother solar PV project integration and improved system performance.


Nicholas Gall, Director, Distributed Energy Resources, CanREA


  • Ben Giudici, P.Eng, Director – Riverside Energy Systems  
  • Jonathan Zerkee, President – Sonbuilt Custom Homes
  • Alastair Larwill, Innovation Technology Officer, NRCAN/RNCAN