Exclusive CanREA member webinar

Powering Canada’s journey to net-zero: CanREA’s 2050 vision

December 8, 2021

1 to 2 p.m. ET

As Canada sets out on a transformative journey to reach net-zero GHG emissions by 2050, we need a powerful boost from wind energy, solar energy and energy-storage technologies. But what does this mean? How will it work? What has to change to make it possible? And is the industry ready?

Find out exactly how the Canadian Renewable Energy Association sees things in “Powering Canada’s journey to net-zero: CanREA’s 2050 vision.”

This is an exclusive webinar for CanREA members only, in which President and CEO, Robert Hornung, will present the content of CanREA’s 2050 vision and answer members’ questions. He will also discuss the priority actions CanREA is taking to pursue the implementation of the vision, and outline how members can support these efforts.

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Robert Hornung
President and CEO, Canadian Renewable Energy Association
Brandy Giannetta
Vice-President, Policy, Regulatory and Government Affairs
Wesley Johnston
Vice-President, Business Development, Finance and Operations


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