CanREA – Director of Events

The Role

The Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA) Director of Events is accountable for:

  • Developing a strategy and plan, in collaboration with senior management, to foster the growth and evolution of CanREA’s conferences and events program in alignment with CanREA’s strategic and financial objectives.
  • The development, planning, and implementation of CanREA’s suite of conference and events in alignment with CanREA’s strategic and financial objectives.

The key to success in this role will include collaborating and interfacing with various CanREA departments and functions, including senior management, business development, communications, and content program development, along with CanREA’s membership and external stakeholders and partners.

Primary Responsibilities

Strategy and Leadership

  • Work collaboratively with senior management and other departments as necessary to develop a strategy and implement a plan to foster the growth and evolution of CanREA’s events program in alignment with CanREA’s strategic and financial objectives.
  • Monitor the industry landscape and trends to inform the development of an events growth strategy and plan and recommendations for its evolution over time.
  • Evaluate and develop revenue generation proposals related to new events and event-related revenues (i.e., sponsorship, exhibitors, advertising), in collaboration with the Membership and Business Development and Communications team.
  • Work collaboratively with senior management to support the achievement of the association’s strategic objectives and optimize organizational outcomes.
  • Work closely and collaboratively with the Communications Team and the Membership and Business Development team to assist in the creation of an events promotion and marketing strategy and plan to achieve event-related revenue targets with an aim to increase event attendance and revenue generation year over year.
  • Make business decisions that are financially responsible, accountable, justifiable, and defensible per the association’s policies and objectives.
  • Prepare regular updates and provide strategic advice to senior management related to events.

Financial Management

  • Work collaboratively with senior management and the Membership and Business Development team to achieve event-related financial targets (both revenues and expenses).
  • Create and manage the approved budget associated with confirmed events:
    – Establish contracts for pricing and services.
    – Report on budget expenses and revenues associated with all events and recommend corrective actions to be taken to achieve financial targets.
    – Develop and manage the overall expenditure for each event.
    – Recommend fee structure for participants.
    – Negotiate and ensure contract due diligence to ensure CanREA is leveraging the best pricing.

Event Development and Planning

  • Develop an event calendar / schedule and program that meets the association’s strategic and financial objectives.
  • Develop a work plan for each event, including a timeline for content program development, marketing plan (working collaboratively with the Communications and Membership and Business Development teams), and event logistics.
  • Develop and implement dynamic networking activities within CanREA’s suite of events to assist industry participants in building meaningful business relationships.
  • Develop and maintain Best Practices Guidelines for all Events, Webinars, and Teams.
  • Collaborate with the Membership and Business Development team to produce sponsorship and exhibitor packages and the associated benefits for each event.
  • Research venue and event suppliers and secure contracts per CanREA’s policies and procedures that effectively protect CanREA’s interests.
  • As directed by management, organize and coordinate association and in-person meetings (e.g., catering, room bookings, etc.) for the Team, Board or members as required.
  • As directed by management, organize and coordinate some association and member/stakeholder virtual events and meetings, in conjunction with CanREA team members as required.

Content Program Development and Implementation

  • · Develop compelling and informative program content for CanREA’s conferences and events in conjunction with the CanREA Policy Team and industry members and experts, ensuring the content and messaging are:
    – Aligned with the association’s mandate and strategic objectives.
    – Developed on time to allow for sufficient marketing and promotion of the program content and the associated events.
  • Coordinate content program planning sessions with identified staff and members to identify event topics and potential event speakers.
  • Create and manage an online abstract submission and review system.
  • Extend speaker invitations and be the primary contact person for confirmed event speakers.
  • Coordinate and facilitate conference calls with all speakers and moderators before the event and properly prepare all speakers.
  • Provide pre-event and on-site assistance to moderators and speakers concerning their speaking roles and presentations.

Event Implementation

  • Marketing Materials & Printed Collateral:
    – Coordinate online program and hard copy material content required for the event (website, program, mobile app and other external communications).
    – Collaborate with the Communications and Marketing Team to develop timelines for production of promotional and marketing material for all events.
    – Manage delivery of event material in a variety of formats.
  • Collaborate with the chosen facility to make necessary arrangements for all resources (participant hotel rooms, banquet hall, food, etc.).
  • Negotiate and ensure due diligence for contracts with suppliers to ensure CanREA is leveraging best pricing.
  • Report on budget and expenses associated with all events and recommend corrective actions to be taken to achieve financial targets.
  • Working with the Membership and Business Development to ensure the fulfillment of sponsorship benefits.
  • Develop signage plan and work with suppliers to create and produce required event signage.
  • Registration management:
    – Develop and manage an outsourcing plan for onsite services
    – Manage full on-site logistics for events

Post-Event Analysis

  • Develop and deliver an event participant survey after each major event and conduct an analysis of results and recommendations for actions to address areas of development and improvement.
  • Debrief with event stakeholders, in collaboration with the Membership and Business Development Team, and with suppliers to determine what went well and areas for improvement for future event.
  • Produce a post-event report following each major event.

Human Resources and Team Leadership

  • Build, lead and manage the Events team, including talent decisions, performance management, development, resource management, work allocation, and career progression that provides an overall framework to encourage employee contribution.
  • Coach, mentor, develop and empower employees to build an environment in which the team can thrive and bring their best to work every day.
  • Foster a culture of engagement, creating and supporting a high-energy, results-oriented, inclusive team that is consistent with the organization’s strategic intent and that emphasizes CanREA’s mission and vision.

Other duties as directed by the Senior Management

Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs)

CanREA Core Competencies

  • Responsive – Respond to staff, member, and stakeholder needs and priorities, provide value through recognizing current and future needs and then deliver solutions to optimize opportunities and minimize risk.
  • Ethics and Integrity – Demonstrate honesty, reliability and high professional standards and be seen as responsible, trustworthy and exhibiting integrity and commitment to the CanREA’s vision, mission, values, objectives, the Code of Business Conduct and human resource principles. Address or report those who exhibit behaviour not in the best interests of the Organization. Demonstrate high principles and encourage the same standards in others.
  • Passionate – Demonstrate energy, enthusiasm and commitment to CanREA and belief in the industry. Be driven to achieve, self-motivated and set challenging goals to achieve and deliver superior results. Demonstrate concern for action, surpass standards of excellence and strive to continually deliver value to the business. Create direction and purpose for others while infectious in instilling energy, inspiration, enthusiasm and commitment in others to persevere and remain positive even when setbacks occur
  • Dynamic – Proactive and willing to take initiative and risks; make quick and tough decisions; commit to a course of action and be held accountable for its outcome. Ability to generate creative and innovative ideas and solutions; see trends and make others aware of them, integrate concepts in new ways not thought of by others and capitalize on organizational and member strengths not considered by others. Adapt quickly to changing needs and priorities/ circumstances and maintain effectiveness when experiencing major changes to the work environment or conditions affecting the Organization (economic, political, cultural, technology, energy and environmental factors etc.
  • Collaboration: Demonstrate desire and ability to work cooperatively with others as a team; collaborate and respect others’ views, interact with diplomacy and sensitivity with the goal of building rapport. Enable and support a sense of team spirit, encouraging an environment of open communication and sharing of information. Focus and concern on team objectives and performance with the same intensity as one’s own.
  • Inclusive – Make decisions considering all views, opinions, priorities, and mandates of CanREA’s members and relevant stakeholders while upholding CanREA’s vision, mandate, objectives, and values.

Functional Competencies

  • Excellent project management, prioritization, and multi-tasking skills.
  • Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision and efficiently under pressure.
  • Works well in a team environment with the ability to collaborate across an organization.
  • Ability to learn and work with new and evolving technology (e.g., virtual event platforms, registration systems, etc.).
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong financial acumen.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Good judgment


  • Strong computer skills including MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Ability to travel 5-10% of the time, entirely within Canada.


  • Post-secondary education related to an accredited Event Management Program (or courses), business management (including finance reporting), and project management, or an acceptable combination of education and relevant experience.
  • CMP designation is an asset.


  • 7+ years’ experience in national conferences and events planning.
  • Experience managing staff and collaborating with internal departments and external stakeholders and contractors.
  • Experience developing program content in conjunction with industry experts.
  • Thorough knowledge of the Request for Proposal processes and costing/procurement procedures.
  • Experience with event participation with international attendees.
  • Non-profit industry experience is an asset.
  • Good general knowledge of the renewable and energy storage industry is an asset.
  • Proficiency in English (written and spoken) is required.
  • Proficiency in French (written and spoken) would be an asset.

How to apply

This position will remain open until filled. Please send applications to:

We thank all applicants for their interest in CanREA. However, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

CanREA is an equal-opportunity employer with policies and practices intended to build an inclusive and accessible work environment. If you require accommodation during the recruitment process, please include this in your cover letter and all efforts to provide the appropriate accommodation will be put into place.