Alberta’s 2021 economic outlook, renewables and more

Solar PV figured prominently during the Learning Expo, starting with Nicholas Gall of the Canadian Renewable Energy Association, who pointed out that Southern Alberta (and Saskatchewan) has a world-class solar PV resource.

Alberta, however, is very appealing to renewables investors because it is completely deregulated, Nicholas said, with a transparent, competitive process for generation. (Ontario is “not completely” deregulated, he added, or presents “too many barriers” for market entry.)

As such, he thinks Alberta is well-poised to take advantage of market-driven renewables (not policy-driven, like Ontario), not to mention that the retail price of solar PV per watt has dropped some 90% since 2008.

When I asked Nicholas where Alberta’s electrical contractors can find opportunity in renewables, he pointed to behind-the-meter, microgen—even energy storage—applications.

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