Q&A with CanREA Board member Matt Jamieson

“Meet CanREA’s Board of Directors” is a series of interviews with CanREA’s diverse and experienced Board members.

Matt Jamieson is a member of the Board of Directors of CanREA. He is the CEO of Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC). Matt leads SNGRDC’s strategy, operations and investment decisions, and has invested $60 million of equity into utility-scale renewable energy projects and participated in the construction of $2.25 billion of infrastructure assets. SNGRDC has been recognized as Development Corporation of the Year by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, and as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies every year since 2019. Matt holds a Post-Bachelor in Management and a Master of Business Administration from Athabasca University. Matt Jamieson is a proud member of the Tuscarora Nation and a resident of Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario.

CanREA sat down with Matt Jamieson in May 2023, to find out what makes him tick and why he chooses to volunteer his time on CanREA’s Board of Directors.

Q. Why did you choose to get into the renewable energy field?

The renewable energy field is one of a few commercial sectors that closely aligns with our Indigenous values. Participating in the sector was a unique opportunity for me to get involved, learn, and ultimately demonstrate that Indigenous peoples and communities are highly capable partners willing to work alongside governments and corporate interests to create a better future for the next seven generations. 

Q. How long have you been involved in the sector? 

My entry into the sector dates back to 2009 when I was working on behalf of the Six Nations of the Grand River (Canada’s most populated First Nation) to advance the community’s interest in the Grand Renewable Energy Park project. At that time, the project was the largest of its kind in Canada and featured a 149 megawatt wind farm co-located with a 100 megawatt solar farm. Six Nations now holds an equity interest in over 550 megawatts of renewable energy production in Ontario.

Q. What gets you excited about renewable energy in Canada?

I am thankful to have the opportunity to do my part to help create a brighter and more sustainable future. Renewable energy technologies and supporting systems are ever-evolving and it is exciting to participate and help advance solutions that will help undo some of the damage caused by our past actions.

Q. Why did you decide to serve on the CanREA Board?

The future success of Canada will hinge on ensuring Indigenous people are no longer an afterthought in planning and development activities. As a CanREA Board member I want to lend my perspective and share my experience to help provide guidance on how we will achieve a better future, together.

“Meet CanREA’s Board of Directors” is a series of interviews with CanREA’s diverse and experienced Board members. Read more CanREA profiles on our website.