Webinar—DNV’s Energy Transition Outlook: Projections for North America

February 20, 2024, 1 to 2 p.m. ET

CanREA was pleased to host a special industry webinar presenting the highlights of DNV’s 2023 “Energy Transition Outlook North America,” a report that is widely referenced by energy companies and analysts globally.  

DNV’s Moe Mubarak, Executive Partner for Strategic Markets & Accounts, and Reem Bashatly, Director, Owners Engineering on detailed DNV’s forecast for global energy supply and demand on the pathway to 2050. 

The presentation included: 

  • How the prevailing energy security and macroeconomic dynamics influence the pace of the energy transition in North America.
  • How the grids of the future will evolve, such that demand side management will enable load, to actively follow the abundant supply of renewable energy.
  • The most recent developments in energy demand, supply and infrastructure development towards 2050, including a detailed look at hydrogen use cases, the build-out of the transmission and distribution grid, and how road, ship and maritime transportation will evolve.
  • How to attain a clean and sustainable future, as the gap between our most likely Energy Transition scenario, and the path to achieving global Paris Agreement Net Zero goals, is just a 5% additional cost.

A recording of this webinar is available on CanREA’s member-only website.


Moe Mubarak  
Executive Partner for Strategic Markets & Accounts 

Moe Mubarak serves as the Executive Partner for Strategic Markets & Accounts at DNV. In this role, he leads the development and execution of strategies for specific market segments and maintains a primary partnership role with key global clients. Prior to joining DNV, Moe worked at EDF, a leading integrated energy company, where he managed large-scale wind projects in Canada. He later joined EDF’s exclusive rotational program at their North American headquarters in San Diego, gaining firsthand experience in different commercial aspects of the renewable energy sector, particularly in project finance. Earlier in his career, Moe was a construction site manager at Enercon, further solidifying his expertise in the energy industry.

Reem Bashatly  
Director, Owners Engineering

Ms. Bashatly is a licensed Ontario Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), with over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector providing a unique blend of business, project management and design engineering expertise. She is a leader in the Owners Engineering Advisory with a focus on providing owners and developers with cutting edge solutions that are flexible, resilient and profitable in the renewable energy, smart grid and renewables space.