Energy storage will help Canada reach net-zero 

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You already know that energy storage will play a key role in helping Canada build the expanded, decarbonized electricity grid needed to reach net-zero GHGs by 2050. But is your company well-positioned to leverage these emerging opportunities?  

The Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA) has a solid plan for advancing energy storage in Canada. Our plan identifies six top priorities, presents the challenges and provides the solutions. Click here to read our whitepaper: “Laying the Foundation: Six priorities for supporting the decarbonization of Canada’s electricity grid with energy storage.”

Through stakeholder advocacy and public engagement, CanREA works to advance this plan and create the conditions for a modern energy system.  

Our low-cost, reliable, flexible and scalable solutions will play a central role in transforming Canada’s energy mix, and you can play an active role. 

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Join CanREA to access our National Energy Storage Caucus, a member forum with the latest information on energy storage policies, regulations and market trends across Canada. In this forum, you can connect with other companies active in the energy storage space, and help guide CanREA’s advocacy and engagement actions. View the options for your CanREA membership here. 

Please contact member services for more information on CanREA’s National Energy Storage Caucus.