Alberta’s solar boom – The big story you haven’t heard about

Alberta’s changing energy landscape

[…] Evan Wilson of the Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA), an industry group that represents the solar, wind and energy storage industries, explains what these numbers mean.

Wilson says that the first hurdle all of these projects have to jump is investment. There are “five thousand megawatts of projects in this list that are looking to figure out how to crack the code on making investments in the province,” he says.

It turns out the best place in Canada to crack that code and attract investment is Alberta.

“The 79 projects aren’t all going to get built, but there’s 79 projects worth of development going on, trying to figure out how do you get the edge over your competitors to connect.”

A 2018 supply chain study used 2016 data and forecasted that 3,261 megawatts of solar will be developed in Alberta by 2030. This gives you sense of how much of the 5,000 megawatts now in the queue will be developed. Remember this was before recent declines in the cost of solar.

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