Q&A with CanREA Board Chair Jason Chee-Aloy

“Meet CanREA’s Board of Directors” is a series of interviews with CanREA’s diverse and experienced Board members.

Jason Chee-Aloy is CanREA’s Board Chair, currently serving his second Board term (2022 to 2025). In his day job, he is the Managing Director at Power Advisory LLC, in Toronto, Ontario. He is a well-respected member of the industry, having been selected in 2023 for the Clean50 Award as one of Canada’s exceptional contributors to the clean economy, in 2019 for the Hedley Palmer Award from the Association of Power Producers of Ontario as a leading contributor to the independent power industry, and in 2009 for the Canadian Solar Industries Association’s Leader of the Year Award. Jason frequently speaks at industry conferences and events, with more than 100 speaking engagements throughout his career.

CanREA sat down with Jason Chee-Aloy in January 2023, to find out what makes him tick and why he chooses to volunteer his time on the CanREA Board of Directors.

Q. Why did you choose to get into the renewable energy field?

My vision for the electricity sector, and within my consulting practice, is to empower organizations and individuals to commercially capitalize on a clean-energy future.  Electricity markets are rapidly evolving, as technological advances of wind, solar, and storage projects are playing an increasingly important role in Canada’s energy transition towards a net-zero grid and economy.

Q. How long have you been involved in the sector?

Throughout my 25-plus years of experience in electricity markets, I have worked in the areas of developing and investing in power generation, energy storage, transmission and distribution, mergers and acquisitions, market design, business strategy, policy development, and regulatory and litigation support.

Q. What gets you excited about renewable energy in Canada?

Wind, solar and energy-storage technologies are rapidly becoming increasingly competitive and cost-effective when compared to all other resources. Therefore, these technologies are well positioned for continued growth across Canada. I’m excited about this direction, and about working with stakeholders to develop strategies and plans resulting in actions and deliverables to deploy and develop wind, solar and storage projects.

Q. Why did you decide to serve on the CanREA Board?

I want to continue applying my experience and energy towards advancing wind, solar, and energy-storage technologies across Canada. I aim to assist CanREA by sharing my experience, leadership, strategic insights, and technical knowledge of how electricity markets and regulatory regimes work, combined with helping to develop plans and strategies to enhance the development and integration of wind, solar and energy-storage projects across Canada.

“Meet CanREA’s Board of Directors” is a series of interviews with CanREA’s diverse and experienced Board members. Read more CanREA profiles on our website.