Webinar — Build transfer agreements: Technical risk management for Canadian utilities

October 5, 2022, 1 pm (ET) 

There is new interest in different ownership models for renewables assets in Canada, as evidenced by utilities taking ownership stakes in, or full ownership of, wind, solar, and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) facilities under development. Several variants of Build-Transfer Agreements (BTAs) are currently being deployed in Canada.

DNV and CanREA joined on October 5 for an educational webinar and to learn more about this topic!

DNV shared information on technical risk management with existing and emerging utility players in the marketplace. DNV also highlighted key elements to consider in the negotiations of the BTA agreements.  Specifically, DNV described how to best manage risk when negotiating the Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) or Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract (EPC), and its recommendations for what constitutes best practice.


Reem Bashatly, Director, Engineering

Michael Cookson, Senior Project Manager, Engineering

Hadis Moradi, Senior Project Manager, Engineering

Adam Morrill, Field Engineer, Engineering

Usgal Zandanbal, Team Lead, Utility Scale Solar Energy Assessment